Sometimes looks can be deceiving; even though potatoes might look very similar, their moisture and starch content differ, resulting in over 5000 varieties of potatoes worldwide. We have carefully selected varieties that match the needs of our consumers whilst taking our environment into account.


The cultivars grown on our farms are selected based on their varietal characteristics to ensure that they flourish within our specific climate and soil conditions. By selecting cultivars that grow effortlessly in our specific environmental conditions we reduce the amount of pesticides and chemicals needed to ensure a healthy crop. Which is why our range currently include Sifra. Mondeo, Mondial and Elmundo Potatoes


We are continuously researching and testing new varieties to ensure that we provide the best product to our consumers.

Waxy Potatoes

Sifra Potatoes are classified as Waxy/Floury Potatoes due to their high moisture and low starch content. These characteristics make Sifra potatoes an excellent option for boiling for use in salads, stews, roasting or to make a delicious portion of 'crispy' chips.

Sifra Potatoes

Sifra Potatoes

Waxy/Floury potatoes have a somewhat moist and slightly floury feel. These potatoes have a moderate starch content and retain their shape during cooking and can be used in a variety of applications.

Waxy potatoes have a moist and pasty texture due to the higher moisture content and low starch content. During boiling these potatoes keep their shape. They are ideal for dishes where a firm cooked potato texture is required, such as salads and roasts.

Mondeo Potatoes

Mondial Potatoes

Elmundo Potatoes

Mondeo, Mondial and Elmundo potatoes are classified as Waxy Potatoes due to their high moisture and low starch content. These characteristics make these potatoes an excellent option for boiling and making your favourite salad. They are also suitable for cooking in the microwave and ideal for making a delicious portion of traditional ‘slap’ chips.



Waxy/Floury Potatoes

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